Monday, August 30, 2010

He turned 27

I love you Jesse David Price. You are 27!!!
Wow I remember when you were 21 HA
I am glad I get to spend forever with you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Pool

This is a HUGE deal. Elizabeth is scared of EVERYTHING
including anything water (except showers oddly enough)
This summer we moved to a place with a pool and when
we first went she would sit in a chair, then
little by little she has been inching
closer and closer
she rides on daddy's back and blows bubbles!!!
It's too bad the pool is closed until next summer
we will have to find an indoor pool.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Millie laughs

I love this little bambino

The first time I heard her laugh was when Elizabeth
ran into Ethan (1 yr old) with a bike.
I wonder who's sense of humor she has...

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's ok to be Messy

I am beginning to understand why mothers with 2 or more
kids have homes that aren't always clean. It's hard to keep everything
tidy when your kid is potty training and insists on sitting on the toilet
wrong and the pee lands everywhere but, the place it should go.
So I throw her in the shower and throw a towel on the floor,
while at the same time the baby screams because she is
starving and has been starving since halfway through the WIC
appointment that lasted two hours. Not to mention her diaper needs
to be changed. So while sister is in the shower
I start to feed the baby, then cut her off to take
sister out of the shower and plead with sister to put
her panties on herself since she is fully capable.
Then I remember it's lunch time and the kid is hungry too! So
I try to make a pb & j while feeding the baby in one hand
because both are tired and emotional
and everyone knows how loud Elizabeth's high pitched cry is.
serious multi tasking...
Then while all three of us are eating I realize my house is
a disaster and RElive the morning and all the
and say
Oh well.
Now it is quiet while the little ones rest.
All I can think of is
This is what life is about
Making memories !!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

California mini trip

Last Thursday night Jesse and I found out he didn't have to work the weekend
and decided to surprise everyone & head south.
20 hours later we saw some of the best humans in the universe
The girls hung out while the boys surfed.
Just like old times.
We even have matching cars!!!
(yes we are copy cats but hey it's a great car)
After that we went to Erik Norton's birthday party
but forgot the camera. It was great though.
Then showed up on my oldest sisters doorstep.
Grandma was surprised.
Deborah knew I was coming
But Celia, the birthday girl who doesn't look 40, had no clue.
She and her daughter look like they could be sisters.
The pre party clan
Elizabeth helped her blow out the yummy cake
All the cousins...
maybe one day there will be a boy HA
(or maybe not)
The oldest cousin and the youngest
After a night of rest we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Price
Grandma read Elizabeth lots & lots of books.
Our friends came over once again because we
are cool like that.
Jamie had no idea we were going to be there
it was great seeing her shocked face!
My nephew is so handsome.
J hung out in a tree
The boys and Rachel played bocce ball
while Grandpa made the most amazing food.
There was healthy and delicious
And so much mexican food that was perfect.
There hasn't been a dish my father in law
isn't excellent at preparing.
the cousins stretched
J & Elizabeth remembered their friendship
And Millie rejoiced because she was finally blessed!
This weekend was truly the best weekend we have had in a WHILE.
I am so grateful we decided to take it. I love everyone we saw
and hope we can do it again sometime...
for a little longer that is.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary!

i Love YOU!
(more today than ever before)

(which makes everyday a great adventure!)

Top ten reasons I love you:

10. You have given me two amazing little girls.
9. You live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
8. You are beautiful.
7. You love yourself and are truly happy.
6. You trust me even when I do things the scary way
5. You are real. You are who you say you are.
4. You are the greatest mother I could ever imagine
3. ***Edited for Privacy issues***
2. You make me smile with your really weird sense of humor
1. You have the most amazing smile in the world.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love this little girl. These days she has me in constant prayer.
Her attitude is all me,
she remembers everything we say and do,
then uses it against us sometimes.
I hear she is your typical 2 year old girl.
There are moments when we
want to scream but the moments when we can't stop
laughing out weigh the frustration.
She is her sisters biggest fan.
Most of the time they are friends.
Every night we hear "Thump" as she falls off the bed.
Next comes "OH MAN" as she wakes up and gets
back in the bed.
She has been a potty training champ.
We are still working on the poop part of it.
Some days she is good and some days I am thankful
Daddy is there to clean it up!
Thinking of her makes my heart smile.
She loves just about everyone that is nice.
Loves to play imagination and loves knowing where
items were purchased from. HA
She asks "Where'd you get that from? Target?"
Keep growing and dreaming big