Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ready to Sew

I really want to sew. I have been thinking about it
for a while and now I am ready to start.
I dabbled a little in Hawaii but then the sewing machine
broke and that was the end of my ventures.
I want something easy to use and maybe with
the capability to handle quilting, if I dare try.
(not likely but keeping my options open)
For the moment I just want to fix dress up
clothes and create simple lovelies.
SO, To all you lovely sewers out there,
which machine do you use and why do you LOVE it?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 months and counting

I can't believe this little heavy weight is
10 months old!!!
She weighs a whopping 14.9
Yes, I know, She is huge. I can barely
hold her these days she is so heavy.
I love this little bug. She is my biggest fan.
Loves her sister and thinks she is hilarious.
(especially when E throws tantrums)
Oh and running away while I change her diaper
is so funny to her. I love that she is all mine!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The day that changed my life

Look at us.... so young and excited for what life will bring.
And we are still so excited!!!
Every year when March 11th comes around I think of all the
events, 6 years ago, of that day I met Jesse.
All the decisions that lead me here. Deciding not to kiss
boys on the first date that morning, going to the party even though
it was super awkward since I just stopped seeing the
boy whose house it was at earlier that morning ect.
Any way to keep a long story short. I am so glad I denied
Jesse's kiss that night and glad Taylor was living with
Jesse (and his family) before marrying his best friend Chris.
These three humans are one of a kind and I will
love them for the rest of eternity.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shhhh people are asleep

Do you think it is just bad kids who scream in their sleep?
Every night without fail, Elizabeth sits up and screams.
It is not like she is scared. She is normally yelling that
she didn't do something or she doesn't like someone.
The other day I asked who she didn't like and she
said "Dora". Or she just has so much to say that she
has to talk about it in her sleep.
Oh and she walks too. We often here her in her closet
sleep playing or she will be asleep in the middle
of the floor. She has even been known to walk out of her room
after a nap, start a mumbling conversation with me then
wake up all of a sudden wondering where she is.
It was all fine and dandy until her loudness
started waking up her sister.
It's rather annoying. But they love sharing a room with
each other and I would never change that.
Plus there is the little detail of not having another room
to change that. :)