Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost a month in California

My computer is on the fritz and I had to go through all
these hoops just to get these photos on here.
So in true Price Blog fashion I will keep it short and

The girls and I left the rainy state of Washington and
went down south for a graduation of this girl.
I can't believe my niece is so old!
Isn't she absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
So after Bakersfield (the armpit of California)
we hopped around from place to place
Saw my lovely grandmother
The Price's
Hung out with the Marshall's
Cute boys!!!!
Max consoled E when she fell and scrapped
her knee. From then on she was complaining
and limping. Ultimately being pushed in a stroller.
We FINALLY met Damien.
Then hung out with the Snapps at the park
Then out we went to Desert HOT Springs.
This was the first time the cousins had been together
in a long time.
Millie contracted Roseola (self diagnosed) from who knows where?
my poor baby felt so bad with her fever
Auntie Emily gave her snuggles
Then she got better and we enjoyed more of the sunshine
My goal was to get my kids looking tan again
and that goal was accomplished!
The trick is keeping them this way....
The last few days were spent 3 blocks from the beach
We loved our trip! The girls missed Jesse terribly
and so did I, but the trip was great.
Maybe next time we will make it 2.5 weeks
If there was one thing I could change it would be
that I could have spent time with one more friend
I HATE that I didn't see her. BUT we will be back
in 5 short weeks from now and she is my first stop!!!