Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mini Vacation

Last Saturday we went to visit the Frantz family in Oregon.
It was nice visiting with friends and it really felt like we
were far away from home, not just two hours away.
Saturday night we saw Allthe Apparatus which was great!!!
I would go all the time if we lived closer.
If you do live close, check them out in downtown Portland
in front of the Nordstroms on Saturday nights.
We were there :) with millie of course
We were lucky enough to stay with the Lancasters.
They are so awesome and have two daughters that
Elizabeth loves.
Millie almost ready for church
Sarah and Jes (Sarah's sister/super woman)
seriously Jes can do it all. I am amazed by her SKILLS
Millie can totally be hers right?
Delicious Homemade cupcakes by Jess
Sunday we went to Vancouver to have a bbq with
the Boyds and the Stimmels. It was great and time flew.
I forgot to take good pics because I am lame. Just imagine good food
with good company and that is what it was like.
It is so nice having friends from Hawaii close to us.
Now if only everyone can move this way HA

Monday, July 19, 2010

Olympia Carnival

Last friday we went to the Carnival. It was fun.
Elizabeth had a hotdog and examined every bite
After we got the tickets E chose the swings.
Once she was on, her face showed that she
was rethinking her decision.
Wondering if it was going to keep
getting higher
Furrowing her brow to show she was not happy
with her parents for tricking her

Jesse regretting his decision in being the parent
who went along for the ride.
Then she was excited for the boats. Until they moved HA
She tried to escape but I walked along the side and
cheered her on. So she was nervous but ok.
When it was nearly over she expressed happiness
Then she showed her muscles and won a
We are pretty sure Elizabeth is the biggest wuss
when it comes to just about everything.
We love our little wimp though!!!
Millie has no idea we went, so if you see her
please don't mention it ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Children's Museum

The other day the fam bam and I went to the Children's Museum.
It was fun for Elizabeth.
Naturally she was freaked out from the step that
had fish under a plastic layer
The toddler section was rather boring
Jesse even found something fun to do
There was boat steering
Then she went to the vet to release the dogs
Millie was so uninterested

She pushed the boy behind the cash register because
she wanted to buy her own food.
Washed some dishes
Someone call a medic
After the museum we walked around the lake

It was a warm sunny day!!!
And look, Millie is old enough to sit on the bottom now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sick day

This past week the girls were sick so the three of us
stayed home from church on Sunday and laid around
Elizabeth kept asking why she can't swim on
Sundays when the other people can
the infamous stare
Giving kisses. . This how the baby got sick in the first place

Then she reminded me of when J held
her as a baby.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The city of LOVE

Last week our friends the Nortons were here!!!
We played in Seattle and went to Pikes.
We stood a long time by the pig chatting and
taking pictures
Jake was there!!!
Elizabeth got her balloon stepped on then
got another one and was happy
She learned tips on how to take the perfect picture
they listened to music together
he bought her a sword
spoke of the important things in life
like peeing on the potty
he made her a knight
She told him girls cannot be knights
then went to get a bite to eat
We had so much fun with friends. Anyone coming to our
part of the world we would love to play!