Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2.5 weeks in the best place on earth

So we spent the last 2.5 in California and
we were NOT ready to leave when we did.
First stop, we were with family celebrating
the life of Grandpa Ralph Marlin Price.
We spent time with Grandma
After playing with Claire in San Francisco,
(pictures not here)
We played with Jackie who happened to
be stuck on the mainland!
Played with the Pierces
Met this little man!
Hung out with this lovely lady
(wish I could do this everyday)
Thanks Dave
Played with lots and lots of friends.
Again the pictures aren't here.
Then we finished up with the wedding of my sister.
The Springs girls together. I can't wait until we
all live next together in a few years.
Oh and Millie ate so much cake it's