Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Saturday

We started the day off with some crying because Mom
made them sit next to the weird bunny creature.
Elizabeth only did it because Millie did it.
(which I hope this isn't the start of how she will make her future decisions)
Raced some horses and looked at some real ones
Got stuck in an apple
Then got some candy filled eggs.
The field was 4 times this size

After naps we got daddy and went to
The Procession of the Species
The city put a bunch of chalk out for the kids to
draw and closed off the roads. Got to Love Olympia!
There were lots of Species!!!!

This guy was screaming "shark" the whole time
it was funny.
In the end This one was happy to be in the sun
And This one looked like she had the
best day ever!


flip flop mama said...

I love that close up picture of Millie!

James and Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great day. We seriously need to come visit you this summer.

Also I commented on your sewing machine post just now. If you want to barrow my machine for a while to try it out you can. It's a super simple machine but has 45 stiches and a few other cool dudedads.

Shellybythesea said...

That is the look of sheer terror from Millie as she sits on that psychotic overgrown rabbit.

Rhitzclan said...

So FUN! I love the costume of the guy yelling "shark!"

Rach said...

Holy cow, they really go all out for Easter! That's awesome